Wake-Up Call







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July 27, 2007

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I can hear them; it's good enough for the blind


Screenshot 61

The blue flowers from Bleakland garden.


Screenshot 60

Clara "caring" for her children.

The scene starts out with Codex at her computer playing The Game with her guild members while her distracting therapist, Doctor Hanman, was explaining to Codex that she was firing her because she could not keep her commitment of lowering her time playing The Game. Codex tried to explain to her therapist that these people were really her friends and Codex continued to insist until Hanman hung up.

Clara returns back to her computer after taking care of her children because her nanny left early. Upon her arrival, suspicion arises about the whereabouts of a player named Zaboo that usually shows when they have duels in The Game. They expected Zaboo to be present to help them in the recent battle.

Suddenly, Codex's doorbell rings and when she opens the door, an unknown man hands her a handful of blue flowers. She interrupts this man's stream of spontaneous compliments to ask who he is. He responds by recalling a moment in The Game in which he was gored by a Wyvern and she resurrected him; he then balanced the favor by purchasing blue flowers from her from the garden of Bleaklands. She finally understood who he was. He was Zaboo! Still confused as to why he was at her doorstep (doorstep'd) he invited himself in and made himself comfortable.