Screenshot 55
Codex talking to her camera
Vital statistics
Real Name Cyd Sherman
Portrayed By Felicia Day
Gender Female
Faction Cleric
First Appearance S1 E1: Wake-Up Call
Codex is a member of the Knights of Good in The Game. Her real name is Cyd Sherman, and in game she is a Cleric. She isn't confident and is very emotional.

Season 1

Zaboo shows up at Cyd's house holding some blue flowers.At first Cyd doesn't understand who is he, but then she realizes is Zaboo when he tells her that she resurrected him on The Game. It's said that in the in-game conversations Cyd as Codex sends Zaboo a lot of winkie faces, Zaboo interprets that as a love affection from Codex. Cyd suggestes next that the Guild should meet in person, hoping that they would help her deal with the problem with Zaboo.They meet on a restaurant called Chessy Beards, all except Bladez. Cyd explains to them the whole Zaboo business when he goes to get Cyd's sweater.Link title