• LexiLexi

    The Guild isn't just an awesome collection of webisodes. Felicia Day has also written comics to go with the show. Presenting, Fawkes comics--backstory comics for characters we might not fully understand just by watching the webisodes.

    Zenestex on Geeks of Doom has a lot of nice things to say about Fawkes #1:

    "This story is almost exactly how I imagined Fawkes’ real life. Yet I was still fascinated to watch it all play out. Fawkes is smitten with Codex. He’s got it bad for her. This kind of obsession can’t possibly end well for him. Or can it? Maybe Fawkes is just an old romantic hiding behind a wall of arrogance. Blech. I just hope that this new, soft and delicate Fawkes is a phase. The Lord of Douchery must return to his rightful throne a…

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